A game of best case scenarios

The phrase “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst” has never…ever sat well with me. Well, maybe just the second part. It sounds to me like “hope for waist length hair growth, but cut 5 inches off every month”.

I’ve had experiences which have validated “…prepare for the worst”, but did the worst happen because I prepared for it, or was I smart in preparing for it (if I was ever prepared, that is). I could make up the best worst case scenarios in a matter of seconds. But let’s not get into the psychology of how I was programmed like this from an early stage today.

Lately however, they feel scary. So scary I catch myself in the process and I think, “whoa! That was some quick story development. Stop!”. I’m healing. 

So now, how about we play a game of best case scenarios. You know, try to trick the universe into making those happen instead; the best case scenarios. I’m pretty sure I’d like that better. You?

I put that photo from my garden up because when I first attempted growing tomatoes, I had blossom drops and had one good fruit before the plant died. This time when I first noticed the flowers falling, I simply said to myself “it’s probably just getting rid of the “bad seeds”, and I’ll have an avalanche of fruit production”. And I did!

Love, mae.

What faith is

I think we all have those; moments in our lives when we feel like we’ve hit a dead-end. Moments when it feels like there’s no going back, and there’s no going forward. Like we’ve opened a gate of no return, and yet there’s no thorough fare; A cul-de-sac. Much like those moments, I thought this little branch from an old mint plant was dead. But from prior mint planting experience I decided to nurse it anyway, and voila! In a few days I saw new life; new leaves. Oh what joy! But what if there is no prior experience? Nothing that prepared us to believe it’ll work; to believe it is possible; to believe we possess the power to raise the dead situations? One word; FAITH.

Love, Mae.